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The importance of healthy living cannot be understated, more so at present times when many diseases and illnesses confront humanity. Diabetes mellitus happens to be one of the fast rising diseases/conditions that we need to guard against. To be able to guard against the disease/condition, we need to have deep understanding of its occurrence.

Diabetes mellitus happens to be associated with sugar levels in our blood. In particular, the condition comes about because of high sugar levels in our blood. High sugar levels may be because our body cells fail to respond to insulin produced within or when our bodies fail to produce the necessary insulin. With high blood sugar, we are bound to experience increased incidents of urination, hunger and increased thirst.

Types of diabetes mellitus

Although there are various types of diabetes mellitus, three are the most recognized. Type 1 diabetes is associated with the body’s failure to produce its own insulin, necessitating the need for one to undertake insulin injection to regulate blood sugar level. Type 2 diabetes occurs when body cells fail to utilize the insulin produced by the body. Lastly, gestational diabetes that occurs in pregnant women comes about because of increased sugar levels during pregnancy. This can happen to any pregnant woman who has never suffered from diabetes before.

If not managed effectively, gestational diabetes can lead to type 2 diabetes. This happens to be part of the reason for the prevalence of type 2 diabetes. While the onset of type 1 diabetes can be sudden and at any age, type 2 diabetes builds up gradually and its occurrence happens to be mostly in adults.

Diabetes mellitus symptoms

Although the three types of diabetes present same symptoms, manifestation of the symptoms vary depending on the type of condition. Type 1 diabetes can take up to months to present symptoms while type 1 diabetes may or may not present any symptoms at all. Generally, though, the common symptoms include frequent urination, hunger and increased thirst.

Causes of diabetes mellitus

The causes of diabetes mellitus vary and largely depend on type of the condition. Type 1 diabetes happens to be inherited and its occurrence happens to be triggered by environmental factors. While type 2 diabetes can also be inherited, it can come about because of general lifestyle.

Treating and managing diabetes mellitus

Both type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus are chronic conditions that do not have any cure. The medications and other therapies available are meant for effective management of blood sugar levels. Medication treatment involves the use of insulin, which converts sugars to glycogen. While the use of insulin is primarily on type 1 diabetes, type 2 can effectively be managed by use of oral medications with occasional use of insulin.

Patient education ranks highly in assisting diabetes mellitus patients understand their condition to effectively undertake management practices. Apart from lifestyle change, other safe management practices include regular exercises and suitable diet. With proper education on the occurrence, causes, prevention and management therapies of diabetes mellitus, patients can effectively manage their condition and live healthy lives.

Understanding Diabetes Mellitus Condition For Healthy Living
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