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Obesity The Main Cause for Fat Liver
Over weighted children are highly predisposed for fat liver disease. The fast food diet that most teenagers practice is like a bomb for the liver’s functions.

The large amounts of bad fats, proteins, salt and sugar that these fast foods contain produce damages beyond the possibility of retrieve. The new generation of children is tempted all the time by the nice colorful sweets and fast food abundant in over burned oil, proteins cooked in over heated environments and bad sources of sugar.

These ingredients aside from the highly damaging effect on the children’s weight, cause serious diseases, like fat liver. An obese child is the first indication to concern the parents to get him for a hepatic control. Read the rest of this entry »

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The human body is built in such manner that all the interior organs blend together to make the mechanism function perfectly. Each organ has its specific functions and tasks to fulfill. When one organ doesn’t achieve complete and correct functionality, the entire system begins to fail. The liver is considered to be one of the most important interior organs for well functioning of the human organism.

Beneficial Products Of The Liver
The liver fulfills many functions for the human organism, since is one of the biggest internal organs. Parts of the liver’s functions are tided to the energetic metabolism, playing a key role in transforming the nutrients in energetic sources.

The hepatic diseases, like Hepatitis and Cirrhosis have a dramatic damaging effect on the liver’s correct functioning and could have repercussions on the general state of health; the body misses out on several essential nutrients. At the same time, the liver delivers an important detoxification function for the entire body, plus hormonal balancing and production. Read the rest of this entry »

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