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The low dopamine levels caused by Parkinson’s disease interfere with regular sleep patterns. People with PD often have trouble fall­ing asleep, waking frequently during the night, and staying up for hours in the middle of the night. This condition is known as sleep fragmentation. Just as people with Parkinson’s have good days and bad, we also have good nights and bad.

“Rest is a problem,” said James, 51. “I suffer from insomnia. I get about two to three hours of sleep a night; sometimes I’m up for two or three days at a time. I’ve gotten used to it. If I get more than four hours of sleep, I feel stiff, almost frozen. It takes two doses of medication before I’m up and able to move enough to do anything. About a month ago, I slept 12 hours, and it took almost 24 hours to get over that.” Read the rest of this entry »

Parkinson’s Disease And Sleep – Getting Enough Sleep At Night
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