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Increased Level Of Fats In Liver Means Fatty Liver
When someone puts “fatty” in the name of a disease the general perception is that the diseases is not so serious. Well in the case of fatty liver this is not true. When fat accumulates in liver cells, then we can establish that we deal with fatty liver disease. The fat the lies in the liver cells doesn’t damage the liver’s walls. Fatty liver diagnosis is set when a patient’s fat makes up to 10% of the liver.

Fatty liver-a world wide epidemic
Fatty liver disease is caused by weight gain, obesity and alcohol abuse. It can occur in the case of certain drugs (like corticosteroids), tuberculosis and a side effect of diabetes disease.

Just like in the case of most liver diseases the most common causes are obesity and alcohol abuse. The statistics show that world wide the numbers of obese persons associated with the ones that are alcohol addicts determine at least fatty liver patients. The patients that suffer from fatty liver are close to be as many as those that suffer from chronic heart diseases and diabetes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Patients who suffer from diabetes mellitus condition need to understand the causes that lead to the occurrence of the condition. This happens to be the best way of handling the condition because with the necessary knowledge on the occurrence of the condition, patients can undertake effective self-management practices and live normal lives.

Diabetes mellitus occurrence

The human body is dependent on the insulin produced in the pancreas for the conversion of sugar in the bloodstream into glycogen, which gets stored for gradual use by body cells. For unknown reasons, the natural insulin production process collapses, resulting in lack of insulin within the bloodstream. This results in high levels of sugar in the blood stream, which in turn leads to the occurrence of diabetes mellitus condition.

Some of the factors that are thought to contribute to the collapse of smooth production of insulin in the pancreas include virus and bacterial infection of the organ, chemical toxins in foods and factors that lead to autoimmune reaction. Read the rest of this entry »

Understanding The Causes Of Diabetes Mellitus
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