What is mental health ?

Though it is very difficult to define mental health in the strictest sense of the term, one way of looking at mental health is to look at attitude of a person towards his life.

Hence, the health of a person’s mind or the lack of it would depend to a large extent on various factors such as his environment, his upbringing, his genetic makeup and a lot of such vital points and considerations.

In fact, there are thousands of people over the world are suffering from various degrees of mental ill health and the unfortunate part is that not many of them know that they are suffering from such a condition.

They continue to merely exist and they are not only to themselves but also to the outside world. Hence, incomplete mental health is indeed a serious problem around the world.

What does Lack of Mental Health Do to A Person?

A person who is not in the full state or normal state of mental health prevents him from performing a number of his daily routine tasks.

The person is not able to continue and develop healthy and friendly relationships with his peers and other group members of society and when it comes to controlling anger and stress, he finds himself at a loss and is not able to control his emotions as normal persons would be able to do.

It would be best to summarize an abnormal person of mental health as someone who has very violent swings of mood, thought processes which are extremely irrational and destructive at times and behavioral patterns which could be described as highly unnatural and unpredictable.

Why Is Mental Health So Important?

So what if a person is short-tempered? What is wrong if he suffers from violent mood swings? These are some of the questions that might encounter us when we try and understand the importance of mental health. The reason why mental soundness is so important is too broad a subject to be described in a few lines.

However, there are certain basic traits and qualities by which a normal human being in a normal state of mental health is recognized and the lack of such traits might make the person unwanted in society. Not only that, he becomes an object of ridicule and is shunned and made fun of by society at large.

The first thing that a person with unbalanced mental health does is to destroy the person’s self image in the eyes of his friends, relatives and even his kith and kin. Education is the backbone of a person’s complete development and this important tool of development of a person gets disturbed if he is not of sound mental equilibrium.

Apart from the above, there are also important aspects of a person’s life which get totally affected if a person is not of normal mental health. These include his sleep habits, his eating habits, his general physical health and most important his relationships with people.

Today we are living in a word of people and relationships is important which gets totally damaged a person with unsound mind.


Mental Health In Modern Life
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