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The chiropractic uses for electrotherapy cover a wide range of different physical issues. The term is applied much more loosely today than when the therapy was first developed. Electrotherapy refers to treatments that use electrical impulses or energy in order to reduce pain, promote healing or assist in restoring strength and flexibility to the muscles. Scrip Hessco stocks hundreds of electrotherapy items so that chiropractors are able to choose from the best and most effective equipment available. The electrotherapy supplies at Scrip Hessco range from freestanding generators to the smallest electrodes for precision treatment. All of these supplies are divided into a few main categories.

Scrip Hessco has hundreds of different electrotherapy units available covering nearly all of the devices that are commonly used in various chiropractic treatments. Many transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machines are available that can be used to deliver a current directly into the tissue. There are several models including some that operate with high voltage for the serious treatment of chronic conditions. Alternately, there are low voltage devices available that are useful during recovery to speed healing and lower pain. Several other types of electrotherapy treatment devices are available including laser and light therapy equipment that will help to reduce pain in targeted areas that might be too delicate for a galvanic machine.

Electrodes are an important element in many types of electrotherapy. They are the conduit that delivers the energy to the body. Scrip Hessco stocks only the most reliable and high quality electrodes available. The Scrip Hessco electrodes are flexible, are designed to be comfortable and can be rewet repeatedly so that each unit lasts for a longer time. They are also free from latex so that patients who have a sensitivity or allergy will not experience any problems. The electrodes are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes so that specific areas are easily targeted without affecting the surrounding tissue. Scrip Hessco stocks a range of specialty electrodes including carbon pads and pads with sponges.
The success that patients experience when a chiropractor delivers electrotherapy has made the procedure increasingly popular as a form of pain relief for athletes or people recovering from an injury. This has resulted in the development of a number of portable machines. These are primarily TENS machines. Scrip Hessco carries a selection of quality portable TENS devices that a chiropractor can use in any location. The portable units come with a special carrying case that is small and easy to handle. Each portable TENS machine includes everything that is necessary in order to perform the treatment outside of the office.

It is very important to use conductive gels during electrotherapy so that the signal passes into the tissue correctly. Some forms of therapy could actually cause minor injuries without the use of a conductive gel. Scrip Hessco carries a broad selection of conductive fluids including standard gels as well as portable sprays. The gels are each designed to be comfortable and healthy for the skin. There are dozens of options available for standard electrotherapy or ultrasound treatments. Scrip Hessco offers many sizes so that chiropractors who are performing electrotherapy on a daily basis will be able to keep a large supply in the office.