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With a decent practice at his local massage studio, Carl decided it was time to take the show on the road with additional treatment supplies from Massage Warehouse. Many of his clients came in occasionally for the luxury treatment, but couldn’t get in more frequently because of their busy schedules. He decided if they couldn’t come to him as much as they would like, he would make it easier and go to them.

Affordable Treatment Supplies at Massage Warehouse
The choice of where to get the extra equipment and supplies he would need for the mobile extension of his office was easy. Massage Warehouse had the treatment supplies he had always relied on at great prices. When he had begun his business as a massage therapist, he bought the luxury tables for his offices and got all of the supplies directly from MassageWarehouse.com. The online superstore for all things massage related allowed him to avoid the traffic and hassle of driving all over the state for specific items. He just clicked and ordered and they were delivered to his office in days.

The savings were great and starting out fresh from school was a lot easier thanks to the values that he got on all of the Massage Warehouse treatment supplies. He didn’t even have to borrow money to have all of the things his clients expected. Now, with the business established, he could expand without hurting his bottom line and get the extra equipment without a loan from a bank.

While many of the Massage Warehouse treatment supplies that his clients requested were too heavy to take along. Carl replaced treatments like the stone massage with aromatherapy and bought multiple fragrance packs so he could give each client a wide selection to choose from and still carry it all with ease.

He still offered the luxurious stone therapy treatments at his office and even added a sauna to the establishment to entice those clients who were busy to come in to the main office once in awhile for the extra pampering. For clients who came into the office, he also carried a wide assortment of treatments they could buy and take home with them such as Parafango Mud, cucumber eye patches, and soothing gel masks. Ordering treatment supplies from Massage Warehouse was easy and the low cost let him pass greater savings on to his clients who loved that even more.

On the Road with Massage Warehouse Treatment Supplies
All of the oils, creams and therapy equipment Carl bought to carry along with him came in easy to handle bottles that were perfect for transporting to the offices of his high-powered clients. He got a collapsible massage chair with plush, thick cushioning for luxurious support that was lightweight and easy to bring along. With the extra treatment supplies from Massage Warehouse Carl was able to give his clients everything they needed without taking extra time out of their schedules, and added extra value to his business. Now, he operates both his luxury massage therapy office with the large scale therapy supplies from Massage Warehouse and his mobile therapy service for a complete, well-rounded business that is rewarding and affordable.